Tornado safe room

Fully Tested!
Tough Construction!
Competitive Prices!
Designed for interior/exterior



"One of our Most Popular Models"
The "Two Person" Workbench
Tornado Shelter

A shelter for just one or two people.
Tested and certified to 450 MPH

Beats the minimum standard for FEMA shelters,
steel shelter, and Texas storm shelter.

Call for Low Price

The walls and door of the
Tornado SafeRoom™
are manufactured
from 10 gage,
galvanized steel panels, reinforced with 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x1/4" angle iron.

The top is manufactured from 1/4" steel plate.

This unit also passed gun shot tests
using 38 special, 380, 9 mm and 45 automatic military weapons from a distance of 15' without any penetration. The top is manufactured from 1/4" steel plate making this room much more crush resistant from falling objects.