Tornado safe room

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Tough Construction!
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"One of our Most Popular Models"
The "Two Person" Workbench
Tornado Shelter

A shelter for just one or two people.
Tested and certified to 450 MPH

Beats the minimum standard for FEMA shelters,
steel shelter, and Texas storm shelter.

installed & delivered

Tornado Safe Room

The walls and door of the
Tornado SafeRoom™
are manufactured
from 10 gage,
galvanized steel panels, reinforced with 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x1/4" angle iron.

The top is manufactured from 1/4" steel plate.

This unit also passed gun shot tests
using 38 special, 380, 9 mm and 45 automatic military weapons from a distance of 15' without any penetration. The top is manufactured from 1/4" steel plate making this room much more crush resistant from falling objects.