site-assembled above ground tornado shelters ecurely anchored to your slab

tornado shelter certified testing providing near absolute protection

Above Ground Shelters
Constructed Tough!
Competing Prices!


Before you buy any other Safe Room Shelter seek out & review their test reports...

All our models have been tested
& certified to exceed 450 MPH!
Click here for our “test results”

Interior or Exterior Installation

FREE Delivery & Installation!*
Starting around $3,000

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*In continental U.S. on existing garage/carport concrete slab.

We will be competitive with any other manufacturer!

Sizes from LOW PROFILE* to FULL SIZED models!*Our low profile units catch less wind load. 

Our TornadoSafeRoom™ will give you and your family a quick, convenient and absolutely safe place to hide when you hear the storm warning. The TornadoSafeRoom™ is a tested and certified , site-assembled, above ground shelter.

Having your own TornadoSafeRoom in your garage (and still have room for your car) or just outside the door of your home gives you ready access, comfort and peace of mind, knowing you are prepared.

The TornadoSafeRoom™ gives you absolute peace of mind because it has been tested and certified by an independent construction material testing laboratory, by static wind load to 450 miles per hour. That is more than 100 miles per hour stronger than the highest known twister. (The Moores/Oklahoma City twister was a 319 mile per hour twister).


Tornado Safe Room - Storm shelters for Interior or Exterior Installation Made in the U.S.A. Tornado shelters are wind tested to loads of 450 miles per hour