Tornado safe room

The Five Person
Tornado Shelter

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*Anywhere in continental U.S. on existing
garage/carport concrete slab

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Tested and certified to 450 MPH
These beat the minimum standard for FEMA shelters, steel shelter, and Texas storm shelter.

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Designed for interior/exterior

5 person workbench style tornado safe room

The walls and door of the "Five-Person" Tornado Safe Room™ are manufactured from 10 gage, galvanized steel panels, reinforced with 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1/4" angle iron. The top is manufactured from 1/4" steel plate.

This room is manufactured with a low profile, which, because of its' low height, catches much less wind load, makes it much stronger and safer than taller rooms.

The top is manufactured from 1/4" steel plate making this room much more crush resistant from any falling objects.

Having your very own WorkBench Tornado Safe Room™ in your garage (with room for your car remaining) or just outside the door of your home gives you ready access, comfort and peace of mind, knowing you are prepared, and as an added feature, the work bench can be used year round.

This 'Five Person WorkBench' Tornado Safe Room™ is unique in that it can also be used as a base for other furniture such as an island kitchen counter, a pool table, dining table and many other possibilities can be imagined.

The 'Workbench' Tornado Safe Room™ can accommodate a family of five, thinking in terms of 2 average size adults and three children. The standard size of this unit is 90" x 30" x 36" high. Custom sizing is available upon request.