Tornado safe room

The Six-Seven Person
"Chair" Tornado Shelter

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The Six-Seven Person

Tested and certified to 450 MPH
These beat the minimum standard for FEMA shelters, steel shelter, and Texas storm shelter.

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The "Six or seven Person" Tornado Safe Room" is anchored in place by 27 special concrete anchor bolts each having more than 7,000 lbs. of tension strength holding it in place. What this means to you is that this room is held to your concrete by more than 180,000 lbs. of holding power. (That is equal to more than 94 tons holding this room in place).

The top is manufactured from 1/4" steel plate making this room more crush resistant from falling objects.

The "Six-Seven Person" Tornado Safe Room ( 120" wide X 30" deep X 55"high ), is one of our Four highest tested and certified Tornado Safe Rooms in the United States, tested and certified by Certified Testing Laboratories of Orlando, Florida, a Miami-Dade County approved testing laboratory. It has been tested to withstand wind loads of 450 mph and to withstand the 100 mph projectile test. This unit also passed gun shot tests using 38 special, 380, 9 mm and 45 automatic military weapons from a distance of 15' without any penetration.

This makes the "Six or seven Person" Tornado Safe Room ideal for families of six or seven , or less, and also has space for pets.

The walls and door of the "Six or seven Person" Tornado Safe Room are manufactured from 10 gage, galvanized steel panels, reinforced in places with 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1/4" angle iron. The top is manufactured from 1/4" steel plate.

The door, when closed, is secured by three of our patented "Saf-T" latches.

The "Six or seven Person" Tornado SafeRoom™ is 120" long x 30" deep x 55" high. It has room for Three adults and 3 or more children, and room for your lovable pet on the floor.

This room is manufactured with a low profile, which, because of its' low height, catches much less wind load, making it much stronger and safer than taller rooms.